Dynamic Strain Aging of Steels: Part Two

Dynamic and static strain aging are the two main methods by which a material is further aged either during or after a period of plastic deformation.

Medium Manganese Steels: Part One

Medium manganese steels should be considered in the same circles of many of the technologically focused and well known materials in the automotive industry such as AHSS, DP, CP as well as second generation steels.

Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) Welding: Part One

Specifically aimed at the sheet metal industry, CMT welding processes are a prospective set of methodologies where there is a deep requirement for control over welding distortions or deformations.

Gas Nitriding of Titanium Alloys: Part One

Titanium alloys have an extremely wide appeal due to a range of advantages including a very high strength to weight ratio, high fatigue resistance and biocompatibility.

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