The Ultimate Resource for Material Information and Selection
86 standards
540k+ materials
>20mil. property records

Unlock innovation and accuracy, optimize selection, and reduce sourcing and testing costs by using the world's most comprehensive materials information solution.

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Solution Capabilities

Unparalleled Material Access

Provides access to a global library of over 540k metallic and non-metallic materials for comprehensive selection.

Comprehensive Material Data

Offers in-depth data including mechanical and physical properties, stress-strain curves, corrosion and joints data.

Up-to-Date & Traceable

Ensures trusted and traceable material sources, delivered through monthly updates.

Connecting Global Standards

Connects over 80 global standards for material equivalency and similarity.

Precision Material Selection

Enables accurate selection using comparison and analytics tools for informed decision making.

Export to CAx Tools

Supports exporting to over 25 CAX formats, streamlining integration with engineering software.

Validated Selection Decisions

Allows saving, sharing, and reporting of material selection decisions, enhancing validation processes.

Accurate Material Identification

Alloy identification from spectrometry analysis for reverse engineering and positive material identification.

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>540,000 materials

Materials equivalency

80+ standards

Chemical composition

Mechanical properties

Physical properties

Heat Treatment


Welding & brazing

Corrosion & ageing

Coatings & tribology

Global suppliers

Add ons

Extended Range


Fatigue data

Creep & fracture

Formability diagrams

Material Console

Material lists

Share reports

Export to CAx

Comparison tools


>300 global regs.

Substance data

Exemptions information

Updated regulations


Material identification

Expert module

Patented algorithm

Spectrometer integration

How Horizon Helps You Save

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Avoiding Costly Errors
Avoiding Costly Errors

Contributes positively to a reduction in engineering failures, quality issues, or operational costs to the business.

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Time-saving Accuracy
Time-saving Accuracy

Streamlines material selection processes, yielding substantial time savings with reliable data.

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Innovation Optimization
Innovation Optimization

Facilitates product innovation with a diverse material database, optimizing R&D opportunities.

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Supply Chain Control
Supply Chain Control

Ensures error-free material sourcing, significantly reducing procurement risks and related costs.