In the realm of engineering across various disciplines, the significance of accessing reliable, accurate, and well-referenced material data cannot be overstated. Such data serves as the foundation for informed decision-making, ensuring the integrity, safety, and efficiency of engineering projects.

From the initial design phase to manufacturing and beyond, the ability to rely on precise material information is critical for meeting industry standards, regulatory compliance, and achieving optimal performance outcomes. This necessity spans across all sectors of industry, underscoring the essential role that high-quality material data plays in driving innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness in a global marketplace.

Main Challenges Associated with Material Data

The quest for dependable material information and data is fraught with challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Integrity of material information: ensuring the data reflects the most current and accurate material properties and standards.
  • Consistency of data: harmonizing a hugely diverse landscape of different data types and formats into a single, standardized data source.
  • Availability of data: the difficulty in finding comprehensive datasets for a wide range of materials and applications. 
  • Inefficiency: time lost in searching for, and verifying material information that is scattered across multiple sources.


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Total Materia Horizon

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The importance of addressing these challenges

Solving these challenges is paramount for industries for several reasons:

  • Material Selection: Incorrect or uninformed material selection can lead to product failures, safety issues, and increased costs.
  • Navigating Global Standards: Engineers must understand and reference international and local standards, which vary widely.
  • Finding Material Equivalents: Control international material usage and make accurate, informed decisions on substitutions to navigate supply chain complexities.
  • Specialized Engineering Applications: Accurate data is critical for simulations, CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), and other specialized applications that require precise material properties.


Failing to address challenges in accessing and utilizing material data can lead to serious consequences such as diminished product quality, project delays, increased costs, and non-compliance with regulatory standards.

Engineers encounter significant hurdles due to the lack of a centralized database for comprehensive material information, the absence of advanced tools for informed material selection, and the complexity of aligning materials with various global standards like ASTM, DIN, JIS. Additionally, the difficulty in integrating material data with CAx tools compromises design and analysis efficiency, impacting productivity.

Total Materia Horizon: A Comprehensive Solution

Total Materia Horizon delivers the most comprehensive, curated materials information and selection tool on the planet:

  • Access to over 500,000 materials: the widest available range of curated, standardized and proprietary metallic and non-metallic materials.
  • Material Equivalency: structured cross-reference tables that link over 80 standard development organizations and algorithms to find similar materials based on composition and properties.
  • Advanced properties data: includes stress-strain diagrams, fatigue data, creep data, and fracture mechanics, in addition to corrosion, welding, coatings, and other datasets specific to various applications.
  • Export to CAx tools: direct export of material properties to more than 25 engineering CAx tools such as Ansys, Abaqus, Altair, SolidWorks, and others. 
  • Material identification: move composition data from the spectrometer to Horizon to accurately identify alloys using patented algorithms and assist in PMI and reverse engineering projects.
  • Selection tools: compare and analyze materials based on conditions and properties, using side-by-side comparison and materials and data visualization tools.


The Total Materia Horizon Product Suite, with its strong features and modules, meets the crucial demand for trustworthy and detailed material data. It enables engineers to tackle the issues of choosing the right materials, meeting regulatory standards, and carrying out projects effectively. This suite gives industries the confidence to push their engineering projects forward, supported by the most thorough and reliable material information out there.

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