Driving Innovation with Advanced Materials

In the dynamic world of Transport and Mobility, the integration of advanced materials is a critical driver of innovation.

This sector, which encompasses both metallic and non-metallic materials, is revolutionizing transportation with a focus on safety, durability, and environmental sustainability. These advancements address the growing needs for global mobility.

Automotive And Motorcycles
Automotive & Motorcycles
Automotive & Motorcycles

Material innovations are propelling the automotive and motorcycle industries, leading to the development of lighter, stronger, and more efficient vehicles suitable for modern requirements.


The demanding world of racing relies on materials that can withstand extreme conditions while ensuring peak performance, thus advancing the frontiers of materials science and engineering.


The rail industry is experiencing a transformation with materials that offer enhanced durability and safety, leading to more reliable and environmentally friendly rail transport solutions.

Trucks And Buses
Trucks & Buses
Trucks & Buses

This sector focuses on robust and sustainable materials, ensuring long-term durability and efficiency in public and commercial transport.

Industry Challenges
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Weight Reduction vs. Safety

The industry strives to develop lightweight materials to improve fuel efficiency without compromising safety, necessitating a balance between innovative materials and safety requirements.

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Environmental Sustainability

Integrating eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes to reduce the industry's environmental impact, especially in emissions reduction, is a significant challenge.

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Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with complex global and local safety, quality, and environmental regulations is essential, requiring innovation within these frameworks to advance in material technology.

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Supply Chain and Technological Adaptation

Managing the complexities of global material sourcing and supply chains, and adapting to rapid technological changes in areas like autonomous and electric vehicles, are crucial for industry success.


Optimized Multi-Constraint Material Selection

A single solution for material selection that considers simulation data, light-weighting, emissions reduction, and cost as key industry criteria.

Cost-Effective Material Options

Consistency in information and knowledge from OEMs, to their Tier suppliers, and providing insights into alternative materials that help maintain safety objectives while reducing costs, assisting in the identification of budget-friendly yet high-performing materials.

Support for Innovation

Offering comprehensive data on material properties, including FEA and CAE data, crucial for designing advanced vehicles and infrastructure, and fostering innovation in vehicle design and functionality.

Supply Chain Optimization

Tools and strategies to manage complex global supply chain challenges, ensuring material traceability, quality, and compliance throughout the procurement and utilization processes.

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Piaggio Enhances Material Efficiency in Engineering and Design

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