In the fast-paced and innovation-driven landscape of modern engineering and industrial activities, efficient material data management emerges as a pivotal element. This complexity stems from the need to handle a broad spectrum of materials information, including mechanical and physical properties, chemical compositions, environmental impacts, and compliance data.

The creation of a single source of materials truth creates resilience within the engineering organization that can withstand changes in personnel, engineering toolsets, or design processes. Without it, the ability to make change and innovation within the materials area is, at best, diminished.

Key Challenges in Materials Data Management

  • Diversity of Materials Data

    Handling the vast diversity of materials data, including mechanical and chemical properties, compliance, and environmental impact information.

  • Unnecessary Testing

    Repeating costly material tests due to a lack of process and technology to capture and share legacy test data.

  • Volume and Variability

    Compiling materials information from a huge number of variably formatted sources whilst maintaining traceability for validation.

  • Approved Material Usage

    Eliminating inconsistency and errors in material usage and selection across an enterprise through regulated approval processes.

  • Data Confidentiality and Integrity

    Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data and protecting intellectual property.

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The Ultimate Solution for Unified Materials Data Management

Importance of Materials Data Management

  • Single Source of Truth

    Centralized, managed, and approved material information, driving consistent material decisions in all areas of the organization.

  • Driving Innovation and Competitiveness

    Enables effective organization, access, and analysis of materials data for R&D teams looking to innovate fast.

  • Inclusive Material Selection

    Integrating considerations for both regulatory compliance and sustainability, along with using approved material information, can effectively guide individuals who work with materials on a daily basis.

  • Integrated Digital Data

    Connecting managed data to the organization and its technology such as PLM, CAX, ERP and sustainability tools.

  • Adapting to Advancements

    Access to approved materials means a seamless reaction to market, business, and customer needs, such as carbon footprint requirements.

Challenges for Engineers and Enterprises

The primary obstacles include the voluminous and variable nature of data, necessitating a robust system to manage and keep it current. Additionally, the confidentiality and integrity of this data are paramount, especially in highly regulated industries, posing a challenge in ensuring secure and compliant data management practices.

Total Materia Integrator: Turnkey Solution for Materials Data Management

Total Materia Integrator offers a comprehensive solution for materials data management. It serves as a turnkey approach, enabling businesses to consolidate all materials data into a single, accessible, and secure platform and work with our team of subject experts to successfully deploy it to the Enterprise.

The Total Materia Integrator features include:

  • Access to our experts: Our team has decades of experience in working with, organizing, and harmonizing different data sets into a single, uniform system.
  • Single source of truth: Manage internal standards, test data, and compliance from across the enterprise and combine with the largest resource of reference data available through Total Materia Horizon.
  • Configuration options: The solution is built for adaptability, meaning configurable data structures, access control, and export management to ensure teams access the data they need efficiently.
  • Integrate to core systems: Utilize more than 25 export formats to CAx software and PLM systems, or use the power of our restful API to adapt further to the enterprise ecosystem.
  • Secure, flexible, and reliable: Deployable according to the security and management requirements of the organization, including secure cloud hosting or on-premise options.

By implementing the Total Materia Integrator, enterprises can streamline product development, make informed material selections, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize supply chains. This strategic approach to material data management not only boosts innovation and development processes but also secures a competitive advantage in the fast-evolving industrial landscape.

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