Advancing Marine and Offshore with Cutting-Edge Materials and Analytics

The Marine and Offshore Industry, steered by the necessity for innovative material intelligence and sustainable practices, is rapidly evolving. Emphasizing the integration of technologies for material analysis, performance simulations, and compliance adherence, this sector is experiencing a significant shift.

The use of machine learning, predictive analytics, and extensive material databases is reshaping operations, leading to enhanced safety, and efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Marine Vessels
Marine Vessels
Marine Vessels

Complex materials usage for designing safe and resilient marine vessels, assisted and guided by standardized global material selection.

Offshore Structures
Offshore Structures
Offshore Structures

Engineering durable and sustainable materials for oil and gas platforms and wind turbines in harsh marine environments.

Maritime Equipment
Maritime Equipment
Maritime Equipment

Key support to the Marine industry, precision in material properties ensures consistency in achieving the stringent reliability and safety requirements of the industry.

Port Operations
Port Operations
Port Operations

Design and maintenance of heavy machinery in ports helps boost efficiency, enhancing logistics and supply chain resilience.

Industry Challenges
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Material Durability and Performance

Access to comprehensive and advanced material data, including corrosion resistance, helps in selecting materials that withstand harsh marine conditions.

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Navigating Regulatory Waters

The complexity of international maritime regulations requires accurate mapping of standardized materials to internal standard designation systems.

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Operational Efficiency and Cost Control

Streamlined material management drives down costs while maintaining sustainability.

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Global Standardization

Ensuring international consistency in material selection and usage decisions to reduce to improve conformance, quality, and efficiency.


Global Standardization of Materials

Access to global standards and materials as well as equivalent materials to ensure consistency in material selection.

Compliance and Sustainability

Assess, select, and improve the use of eco-friendly and compliant materials, aligned with global regulatory standards.

Efficient Materials Management

Connect approved internal standards, materials, and properties to the entire organization to deliver control and consistency in material usage and product design.

Predictive Performance and Machine Learning

Reduce material selection and testing costs and increase material knowledge by understanding predictive behavior using AI.

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