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Materials information is the foundation in material science and engineering disciplines, empowering scientists and engineers to advance knowledge, drive innovation, and prepare to address real-world challenges across a wide range of domains. With the quantity of technical information at the global level doubling every 18 months, the importance of comprehensive, multidimensional, searchable, and easily accessible information can never be overstated.

In an area where engineering innovation and research excellence are crucial, this sector stands as a pivotal contributor to technological progress and scientific advancements. Catering to the needs of the engineering community, it focuses on practical solutions and cutting-edge research, blending theory with application.

Research And Development
Research and Development
Research and Development

Academic researchers rely on materials information to explore new materials, understand their properties, and develop novel applications, including studying the optimization of material performance for specific applications.

Education And Training
Education and Training
Education and Training

Materials information is essential for teaching as it provides the foundational knowledge necessary for students to understand the behavior of materials and their applications across various industries.

Experimental Design
Experimental Design and Analysis
Experimental Design and Analysis

Researchers use materials information to design experiments, select appropriate materials for testing, and analyze experimental results, Access to a wide range of linear and non-linear datasets as well as, microstructures and microstructure analysis techniques.

Literature Review
Literature Review and Knowledge Sharing
Literature Review and Knowledge Sharing

Researchers regularly consult materials information in academic journals, conferences, and databases to stay updated on the latest advancements in the field.

Industry Challenges
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Access to Comprehensive Materials Information

Researchers face hurdles in accessing detailed materials and information necessary for diverse applications.

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Management of Diverse Material Data

The vastness and variety of material data pose significant organizational and analytical challenges.

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Sustainable and Compliant Material Selection

Balancing sustainability with regulatory compliance in material selection is crucial in fields like geospatial software development and autonomous mobility.

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration Barriers

Interdisciplinary collaboration hurdles are caused by differences in terminology, methodology, and goals between areas, as well as institutional silos that prevent cross-disciplinary interaction.


Data Science

Exploding potential in understanding material behavior and new potential applications by using machine learning tools to predict material properties.

Research Supporting Industrial Advancements

Access to the largest platform of materials information to tackle complex materials selection projects to support industrial partners and deliver innovation from theory to reality.

Preparing the Engineers of Tomorrow

Applying cutting-edge research techniques in education through the use of comprehensive global material properties AI, sustainability, and compliance evaluation tools, ensuring a smooth transfer of best practices to the workplace.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Fundamental comprehension of how materials affect the environment through the use of contemporary instruments to evaluate the lifetime of materials, including carbon footprint, find environmentally friendly substitutes, and strive toward more sustainable practices.

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