Securing Confidence in Materials' Compliance and Sustainability
40+ LCA indicators
>13k substances
300+ regulations

Achieve a competitive edge by ensuring regulatory compliance, preventing recalls, and meeting sustainability goals through data-driven material selection.

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Solution Capabilities


Regulatory Compliance Validation

Instantly validates material compliance with over 300 international regulations, including REACH and RoHS.

Compliance Assessor

Get instant compliance statuses for up to 100 materials against multiple global regulations.

BOM Assessment

Assesses Bills of Materials (BOMs) for compliance and CO2 from substance level to individual parts.

Compliance Notification System

Our experts quickly inform users about regulatory and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) updates.


Carbon Footprint Assessment

Assess material CO2 scores based on definable production, processing, and supply chain parameters.

Sustainable Material Selection

Supports identifying greener alternatives during material selection, promoting environmental responsibility.

Lifecycle Assessment

Benchmarks environmental impacts with 40+ indicators, guiding sustainable decisions.

Instant Substitution Decisions

Find compliant or more sustainable, equivalent options from >540K materials in Total Materia Horizon.


Partnering with ecoinvent for Accurate Sustainability Assessments

ecoinvent, a leading life cycle inventory database, provides the CO2 and LCA calculations for Total Materia Green Line, ensuring detailed and accurate environmental impact assessments using the most comprehensive datasets globally.

Key Facts:

• Update Policy: Regular updates maintain data relevance and accuracy.
• Standardization: Aligned with ISO 14000 standards for consistency and comparability.
• Industry Recognition: Recognized and respected within the sustainability and LCA community.

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Green Line Modules

Base Modules


300+ global regulations


Federal and State


Food contact

Hazard identification

WEEE, ELV etc.

Transport regulations

Substance data


Exemptions information

Updated regulations


Compliance Assessor

Multi-reg. assessments

Instant statuses

Assessment reports

Exemption details


40+ LCA indicators

Material benchmarks

Sustainable alternatives

LCA results reports

BOM Assessor

BOM compliance

Compliant equivalents

BOM management

BOM reporting

Carbon Footprint

CO2 assessment

Define parameters

Robust datasets

CO2 results reports

How Green Line Helps You Save

Green 1
Mitigate Regulatory Issues
Mitigate Regulatory Issues

Avoids regulatory penalties and recalls through proactive compliance assessments, saving significant expenses.

Green 2
Identify Growth Opportunities
Identify Growth Opportunities

Enables market expansion with environmentally responsible and compliant material usage.

Green 3
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Carbon Footprint Reduction

Lowers carbon emissions, contributing significantly to sustainability goals and cost savings.

Green 4
Complete Material Selection
Complete Material Selection

Build compliance and sustainability into daily material selection decisions.