Green Sand Casting

Although not technically green in color, green sand casting is a wet molding technique using quartz sand to cast iron castings, like ductile iron castings, gray iron castings.

High Manganese Austenitic Steels: Part Two

The main advantages of high manganese inclusion can include increased ductility, very high toughness and much improved tribology characteristics in the materials resistance to abrasion.

FeNiMn Maraging Steel: Part One

Maraging steels are a special class of low‐carbon ultra‐high‐strength steels which are produced by precisely controlling the amounts of nickel and manganese in the finished material.

Duplex Heat treatment of Titanium Alloys: Part One

Most commonly known for their excellent strength, corrosion resistance and low density, titanium alloys are a key material for important applications in the aerospace and medical industries.

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