Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Steels

RPV steels are a critical focus of material use in nuclear power plants since their integrity is fundamental to the environmental and safety issues that can be potentially catastrophic in the event of failure.

Arctic Steels: Part Two

There are many technological and management challenges in working under the harsh conditions of the arctic and these challenges extend into the use of materials in many varied applications.

The Strain-Induced Melt-Activated (SIMA) Process: Part Two

The strain induced melt activation (SIMA) process is a well-known semi-solid metal processing technology that helps to obtain a non-dendritic morphology by stirring the alloy in between the solidus and liquid point.

Plasma Arc Welding of Titanium Alloys

Welding of titanium can be relatively complex since at high temperatures the material can be very reactive and depending on the inclusion of impurities, they can also have a negative effect on overall weld integrity.

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