Total Materia are market leaders in the area of informational databases for material properties data.

Our Total Metals module contains over 350,000 metallic alloys with a range of unique additional modules perfectly designed to meet your engineering needs.

It’s simple to try out Total Materia and what’s more, it’s free! Click on the Free Trial link to give it a go today. One of our network partners may even give you a call to see if you found everything you wanted.

It’s true that you can get some of the information free but it’s also true that poring through catalogs takes hours, and the information you find may be out of date, incomplete or worse yet, wrong.

As you can or will see from working with Total Materia, you can find information in just seconds, searching by material, standard, properties or several other advanced-search methods. This information includes international equivalents; you can search the world, not just a few sources.

Total Materia has done the work of searching for you, and has structured the data to make your search quick and easy. We have assured reliability by including only carefully, multiply verified information, and we include data like fatigue and properties at elevated temperatures that is difficult -- or impossible -- to find anywhere else.

Good point! Standards are good and comprehensive sources of information as long as you stick to steel materials in your country only! Problems arise, when you have to deal with foreign materials, and then national standards are of little help.

Furthermore, standards change, and it is therefore pretty easy to pick up and use obsolete information. When we then consider that the price for one single standard can vary from $30 up to more than $500 Total Materia can give outstanding value with regards to both subscription price and in the elimination of some pretty costly errors.

Total Materia include global information from thousands of standards, updated monthly and are connected through our international cross-reference tables.


Total Materia covers a vast array of datasets including information found on standards and also a wide range of information from other less available sources. In the Total Metals module, there are over 20,000,000 data points covering composition, mechanical and physical properties, heat treatment diagrams, metallography images, properties at elevated temperatures and much much more. Covering 74 country standards the information is harnessed through our international cross reference tables and material comparison functionalities.

Our add on modules act as a high value compliment to the Total Metals module and include our unique advanced property dataset, Extended Range, which provides very rare data covering stress strain, fatigue, formability, fracture mechanics and creep data for thousands of materials.

PolyPLUS provides a library of proprietary and standard information for plastic, composite and ceramic materials and our SmartComp module takes the pain out of unknown material identification by using the power of the Total Metals module to match materials based on an inserted chemical composition from an analysis taken from a spectrometer or other analytical device.

Put simply, as the world’s most comprehensive materials database, Total Materia should have everything you require!

Extended Range provides experimental data dedicated to supporting FEA and CAE simulations in design including stress-strain curves for low and high strain rates, low and high cycle fatigue, formability data and much more for thousands of materials.

Extended Range can therefore offer massive time savings in acquiring critical material properties data, essential for among other tasks, advanced linear and nonlinear FEA and CAE calculations, composition lookup and material comparison, and creating bills of materials without the need for huge time spent in sourcing the data and then processing information ready for calculation.

Whether you are assisting the business make critical decisions about material selection or carrying out regular cross referencing exercises as part of your daily work, Total Materia can be of critical help.

With an all in one place approach, huge time savings in sourcing critical material data for design and maintenance can be had using Total Materia whilst enhancing accuracy and efficiency throughout the complete process chain, from initial design to inspection and maintenance.

Instant comparison of historical and contemporary materials can be made from the most recent information to data for materials that it is over 50 years old, whatever the need, Total Materia can help.


With Subscription price of $830/year, the cost is less than 0.005$ per designation and is updated every month with new materials and properties.

Depending on the number of engineers, locations and business departments which require access to the database will determine the correct package for you. From single user licensing to small teams in one location, through several teams across a number of geographical locations, all the way up to umlimited corporate options.

Our Total Metals database is a prerequisite and therefore you will automatically have access to over 450,000 alloys and their data. To compliment your engineering activities there are then a number of additional components which can be added depending on your requirements. From CAE engineers, material specialists, engineers with an interest in non-metallics, and support for inspection and analytical activities, Total Materia has what you need.

See our What’s Inside Page for more information.


First, all Total Materia Modules have been researched and developed by experts in metallurgy and experts in building reliable, secure and easy-to-use databases. Our core development team includes four PhD’s and six engineers.

Furthermore, we have been certified by several top international organizations, including UKAS, RONET and TÜV Cert. Total Materia is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 standards certifying our company quality, development and customer service. We’re the first in this specialized field to achieve this level of certification.

Finally, we’ve invested in technology to make sure the database is always accessible, with comprehensive backup (including offsite) and redundant uninterruptible power supplies.

Absolutely. Your information is processed in a secure environment, using unbreakable SSL 3.0 with high, 128-bit encryption and 1024 bit exchange.

On the technical side, measures for security and reliability also include:

  • increased monitoring of network traffic
  • analyzing data on network traffic to enhance the performance of Total Materia service
  • transactions are backed up frequently to increase the speed of recovery if any natural or other disaster happens
  • back-ups are physically stored in a different location from the production site
  • services are hosted at a top quality host internet service provider with an Uninterruptible Power Supply, a dual backup power generator, redundant processors and redundant access to the internet.

No, we will not sell or otherwise provide your contact information to other companies.

We are fully committed to safeguarding your privacy. Your information is completely confidential, and our privacy policy is in compliance with EU Data Protection Directive 95/46 and Directive on privacy and electronic communications 2002/58/EC. European data protection standards are high and meticulously enforced.


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Total Materia is a company run by engineers, for engineers and so our level of technical knowledge relating to material properties is extremely high. If you have any problems at all finding what you need simply drop us an email at and we will use our expertise and expansive resource libraries to help find the answers you are looking for.

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