Total Materia is an online materials information platform that provides comprehensive data on various materials and their properties, making it a valuable resource for engineers, materials scientists, and researchers. Total Materia consists of four products across its suite.

Total Materia consists of four products which are: Horizon, Integrator, Predictor and Green Line. More information about each product can be found under their respective product pages.

Yes, Total Materia serves as an excellent educational and research tool, providing valuable insights into materials science and engineering. We work with a variety of educational establishments and research institutions around the world.

Total Materia offers a vast collection of material data, including chemical compositions, mechanical properties, physical properties, heat treatment information, and much more, making it one of the most extensive materials information solutions available.

Yes, Total Materia offers integrations with popular software such as Solidworks, Ansys, PTC Creo and NX Siemens.

Total Materia offers data export and integration capabilities so you can integrate both your internal data as well as, Total Materia’s referenced data found on Horizon to ensure consistency of material data across all your systems.

Yes, you can export data from Total Materia in various formats like PDF, CSV, Excel, and more. This allows you to integrate material data into your internal documents and reports.

The Total Materia range of solutions are currently available in 26 languages.

Yes! We offer a free trial or test account for our solutions, which vary in duration based on the solution that has been chosen. This allows users to test and explore the chosen solution before making a purchase.

Total Materia caters to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy and utilities, defense and security, and more, where material performance is critical.

Total Materia features a user-friendly and intuitive interface that enables easy navigation and quick access to desired information.


The Total Materia platform covers a broad spectrum of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, polymers, composites, ceramics, fibers and other materials used in various industries.

Yes, Total Materia offers comparison tools to analyze and contrast material properties, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Absolutely, Total Materia's material comparison tools and extensive platform empower users to select suitable materials for their applications and explore potential equivalents or alternative materials that can be substituted.

Yes, Total Materia includes a comprehensive library of international material standards, facilitating easy access to standardized material specifications and designations.

Yes, Total Materia can assist in identifying materials that meet specific compliance and regulatory requirements, making it easier to ensure product compliance.

While Total Materia provides extensive material data, it does not conduct physical testing or analysis. However, it can be a valuable resource for researchers conducting materials studies.

The Total Materia data comes from reputable technical databases, global standards, scientific articles, manufacturers datasheets and actual characterization test data. The data is rigorously updated, verified, and validated by Total Materia engineers and materials specialists to ensure high accuracy.

Support & Training

Yes, Total Materia offers customer support and training resources to help users maximize their experience with the platform and its solutions. Email and phone support are also provided during regular business hours.

Additional technical support through specialized training sessions is also possible by one of our materials specialists and engineers. This has to be scheduled in advance upon request via one of our Account Managers.

Total Materia’s customer support team can help assist you with IT-related inquiries and technical issues. For more specific help and additional queries, you can email us at

Licensing & Pricing

Yes, Total Materia offers various subscription plans to cater to different user needs, with options for single users, teams, and enterprises.

More information on the different Total Materia licensing options can be found at the Pricing page.

For paid subscriptions, the license will be valid until your lease period ends; most license subscription periods are for a minimum period of 1 year unless agreed otherwise.

Payments can be made online with the following major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express. Alternatively, payments can be made through the Purchase Order form located on the Pricing page, or even by contacting us directly at


Login credentials are automatically sent out to your email inbox, however, for some users it may end up in your Spam / Junk e-mail, so please do check there as well.

If you cannot locate your login credentials, please contact us directly at:

Yes, our platform can only be reached via a stable, working internet connection. Unfortunately, the platform cannot be accessed in offline mode.

Total Materia is an online web-based platform. Users of teams and enterprises can access its solutions online through a web browser via a registration form. Alternatively, single users must download an application onto their desktop or laptop device following installation instructions which are sent over upon purchasing the requested license type.

While rare, it may happen in certain scenarios where the connection takes a bit longer to load the platform. This could be due to server downtime, server maintenance, etc. Try to refresh the page at the first instance of this happening. Alternatively, contact our support at for assistance.

Yes, Total Materia is designed to be compatible with various web browsers however, we do recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as the preferred browser of choice.

Total Materia's platform is optimized for a wide range of internet speeds, but a stable and reasonably fast internet connection is recommended for smooth browsing and data retrieval.

Data Security & Privacy

We collect personal information that you provide when signing up for our services, expressing interest in our products, or engaging with our activities. This may include names, email addresses, job titles, phone numbers, country of residence, billing addresses, and debit/credit card details. More information is provided in our Privacy Policy.

No, we do not handle any sensitive personal information.

For online purchases, we collect necessary payment details, stored securely by Worldline (SaferPay). Their privacy notice is accessible at the following link:

We may use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your browsing experience and improve our services, as detailed in section 14 “Cookies Notice” within our Privacy Policy.

Total Materia ensures data security through comprehensive technical and organizational measures. Our dedicated Cisco hardware firewall, managed by Cisco technicians, and enhanced port monitoring provide robust data protection. Moreover, all sensitive information is processed in a secure environment using unbreakable SSL 3.0 with high-level, 128-bit encryption and 1024-bit exchange. For any inquiries about our privacy practices, please reach out to us at