Product compliance and sustainability.

Understand how your design activities and products impact the environment.

Support responsible material selections from the start.

The Challenges

  • Building compliance into daily product design and material selection decisions
  • React instantly to regulatory, quality, or supply issues by finding immediate substitutions
  • Identifying roadblocks and opportunities for product compliance status in global markets
  • Supporting compliance experts to control and manage Corporate declaration sign off

The Solution: Total Materia Green Line

  • Compliance Assessor: Create material lists and see instantly which materials comply to international regulations such as REACH, RoHS and many more.
  • BOM Assessor: Assess your companies BOMs to ensure changing material selection decisions are compliant. Select replacements from >500K available materials.
  • LCA: Impact benchmark the materials you use and find more sustainable alternatives according to 42 indicators.

Compliance status for materials and substance according to >300 regulations.

Compliance Assessor

Instant multi regulation assessments for hundreds of materials.

BoM Assessor

Assess complete BOMs, find replacements, save assessments.


Methodology to compare products and processes according to environmental impacts.

Compliance Console

Save lists, assessments, reports and receive notifications of changes against regulation and SDS changes.

The Benefits

Data driven compliance and sustainability decisions made early
Find and replace from the largest materials database available
International compliance supports growth rather than inhibit it