At the cutting edge of engineering design and material application, the Aerospace industry is consistently striving to improve on existing technologies to maintain critical advantages from both a competitive, and performance perspective.

Total Materia helps support the industry by providing the most comprehensive material properties resource available as well as in-depth material comparison based on expansive cross-reference tables, therefore allowing minimization of trial and error in designing high performance materials and helping to realize key sector objectives of accelerating materials transition from concept to service.

Since purchasing Total Materia, it has already proven itself very useful in almost all our jobs so far and has proven far more comprehensive than the previous product we used. This has definitely been one of our best purchases recently.

Switching to Total Materia has definitely been one of the best decisions the Forensics Team here at QinetiQ has made recently in regards to materials search engines.

Bill Taylor
QinetiQ, London, UK

The Benefits

Massive time savings sourcing material properties data; instant comparison of diversified metallic & non-metallic materials; critical stress-strain & cyclic properties and cross-referencing for new opportunities in material selection