Today’s dynamic pace of research and education puts new requirements and challenges in front of researchers, educators and students. With the quantity of technical information at the global level doubling every 18 months, the importance of comprehensive, multidimensional searchable and easily accessible databases can never be overstated.

A unique collection of mechanical and physical properties from materials from all over the world, including referenced experimental data covering stress-strain curves, fatigue data, and more, facilitates research and education in the fields of material science, FEA and CAE simulations, reverse engineering, spectrometry, and general engineering. Moreover, a large collection of over 1000 online articles, with hundreds of citations in Wikipedia alone, provides a great primer for a quick and easy insight into new fields and topics about materials and their properties.

We in the SENAI are immensely happy with the service provided by the Total Materia team.

José Mário
SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training), Joinville, Brazil

The Benefits

Platform and methodology for research and education in the 21st century; in 26 languages, helps international research and collaboration; turn-key, installation and maintenance-free