eXporter is the add on module which primarily helps bridge the gap between data source and computer aided engineering (CAE) software. Whether you want to move data from Total Materia directly to CAE software or simply export in excel or .xml, eXporter provides all the functionality you need. In a form of a simple 3-step wizard, it provides multiple-format data exports in mere seconds.

The Challenges

  • Finding advanced property data for linear and non-linear CAE calculations in a ready to use solver format
  • Importing data from source into CAE software without the need for additional data processing, copying, pasting and retyping
  • Obtaining reliable inputs for material properties thus avoiding dangerous and costly errors
  • Carrying out multiple and repeatable design tasks in the most efficient way possible

The Solution: Total Materia - eXporter

Total Materia’s eXporter module works seamlessly with Total Metals and Extended Range data modules to allow properties information to be exported in a format especially developed for the top CAE solvers.


Please Note: A maximum of 100 data set exports allowable per concurrent license for the duration of the subscription. All previous exports are available at any time and re-usable an unlimited number of times for the duration of the subscription.

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Total Materia offers the world’s largest material properties resource and it is now possible to select data from a collection of over 450,000 materials and 20,000,000 property records, and then export ready for use in the next step of the design process.

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eXporter can be used to export critical material data for advanced calculations such as mechanical, physical, stress strain and cyclic data in a number of CAE software compatible formats. From bespoke xml., to simple xls. eXporter makes the transit of data from source to software quick and easy.

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Maximizing the potential of eXporter, the entire Total Metals and Extended Range data sets can be used to find the properties of interest. With full access to the largest international cross-reference tables and comparison functionalities, the full power of Total Materia can be utilized to ensure the selection of data for export is backed up by informed and traceable decisions.

The Benefits

Tremendous time savings, whilst relieving you from tedious retyping; increasing accuracy through elimination of data editing errors; streamlining and systemizing data acquisition workflow