With everyone trying to do more with less, Total Materia has become an invaluable resource for global metals research when giving machining recommendations to our customers. Beyond the standard tools, the Total Materia support team has been a tremendous help when we’ve needed guidance.

Dan Rhodes
LENOX, East Longmeadow, USA

Since purchasing Total Materia, it has already proven itself very useful in almost all our jobs so far and has proven far more comprehensive than the previous product we used. This has definitely been one of our best purchases recently.

Switching to Total Materia has definitely been one of the best decisions the Forensics Team here at QinetiQ has made recently in regards to materials search engines.

Bill Taylor
QinetiQ, London, UK

After several months of using Total Materia and after having stressed all potentialities, I thank you for excellent job and constant upgrades.

Total Materia has allowed us to solve in a definite way all problems we had for the search of alternate materials in foreign countries. Thanks to Total Materia we have issued real "international" specs for purchase of steels in foreign countries.

Total Materia remains the only tool which will be used for this purpose.

Massimo Manfredini
Bonfiglioli Industrial Gearmotors, Bologna, Italy

We recently included Total Materia as a part of our software offering. Total Materia is expected to be highly beneficial to all the companies that perform analyses of metals with our spectrometers.

Our collaborators involved in this project greatly appreciated working with your team. Indeed, we are satisfied with your on-time delivery of the product after incorporating our wishes and expectations.

Dr Jean-Marc Böhlen
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lausanne, Switzerland

I have visited your site today and I am still not able to believe that such site can exist on net with so much resources and information. As a metallurgist I can only express your site in two words: " Amazing & Unbelievable".

Thank you very much for your services... I wish Total Materia all the best & more success!

Ravikiran Desai
Larsen & Toubro Limited, Baroda, India

Total Materia fulfils completely my company’s requirements and it can be considered as an excellent investment.

Massimo Lucchetti
RIMA SpA, Brescia, Italy

I doubt if anyone could even begin to appreciate all of the time, energy and research that you've put into this system, until they have actually started going through it and using it.

Even your free programs Total Materia Demo are very comprehensive and provide really valuable info. Thanks again and please keep up the excellent work.

Dr Alexander Sedmak
Drexel University Philadelphia, USA

Your program is truly a valuable tool and unique on the Internet. I am entirely satisfied with its results, especially with comprehensive cross reference tables. The support I have received was worth the price alone. It's a great investment.

Dr Vladimir Ogarevic
Vextec Corporation, Nashville, USA

The Total Materia database is a very important tool for our engineers and technical activities as a whole.

I would therefore like to thank you for your service and making the database available for the market.

Mr. Riccardo Testi, PhD
Piaggio Ltd. Pontedera, Italy

We in the SENAI are immensely happy with the service provided by the Total Materia team.

José Mário
SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training), Joinville, Brazil