SmartComp, the add on module from Total Materia allows intelligent metal identification by chemical composition obtained from spectrometer or other analytical sources.

Using a patented algorithm, SmartComp can eliminate a huge amount of working time dedicated to research and increases efficiency and functionality of laboratory and inspection business activities by allowing fast, multi-criteria material identification. Owing to integration with Total Materia, material property details and cross referencing to be viewed in seconds, and compared with other alternatives if needed.

The Challenges

  • Carrying out complex material identification studies from only chemical composition as a highly experienced expert would do
  • Reducing thousands of working hours spent in research to identify materials and this is even sometimes in vain
  • Driving down high costs associated with acquiring specifications and standards
  • Reducing rework and scrap in the manufacturing environment through effective root cause identification of plant process errors

The Solution: Total Materia - SmartComp

The new generation of spectrometers can generate a material chemical analysis in seconds but how do you then identify the other critical information of the material like grade, origin, and its properties and equivalents. Starting from simply entered chemical analysis as obtained from spectrometer, by using patented algrorithm SmartComp is able to identify matching grades from all over the world, thus dramatically increasing the usability of analysis and overall functionality of laboratory.

smart comp
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Design to “think” like an expert, SmartComp carries out what would be extremely time consuming manual research work in a matter of seconds. Using a patented algorithm SmartComp ensures that problematic trap elements, impurities and oligoelements do not bog the identification process down and focuses the search on the most important elements to the user.

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Even the best expert cannot do a lot without a large data library for lookup and comparison. SmartComp is therefore integrated with the Total Materia Database, setting up the possibility to compare the entered chemical analysis with composition data from over 350,000 materials, thus ensuring finding material matches is a hassle free process.

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In addition to Standard identification mode, advanced Expert mode offers a possibility to set the relative importance to each alloying element individually, thus obtaining matching alloys that may be more appropriate for the specific problem. Reference Materials is another module, which facilitates finding materials for calibrating spectrometers.

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Identifying matching materials may only be one part of the story. Total Materia allows direct access from the material match list to material properties, thus providing a possibility for a more detailed comparison of candidate materials and their properties, including side-by-side comparison option, and combining comparison of chemical composition and mechanical properties using cross-reference tables and SmartCross2 module.

The Benefits

Tremendous time and cost savings through high speed material identification; strengthening business quality functions, from vendor assurance to material testing; expert reasoning helps to make the right decisions, and quickly!