Mars 2019

  • ISO standard updates for case-hardening steels
  • Updates to JIS copper and magnesium alloy grades
  • Continued updates for AA wrought alloys
  • SAE AMS standard updates for ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Proprietary data for polymers, adhesives and composites
  • New TU standard for polymers
  • Compliance and substance data added
  • New weatherability data for polymers
  • New irradiation and time-temperature dependency data for polymers
  • New SAE standard for 3D printing metals
  • New corrosion data for metals

Februar 2019

  • Updated AA aluminum alloys in the form of castings and ingot
  • ASTM specification for Niobium-Hafnium alloy ingots
  • API specification for pipelines added
  • New proprietary data for polymers, adhesives, ceramics and composites
  • New viscosity-shear rate (multipoint) data for adhesive materials
  • New compliance and substance data
  • New irradiation and weatherability data for polymers
  • New diagrams and single point corrosion data for metals
  • New proprietary data for 3D printing polymers and metals
  • New SAE standard for 3D printing metals

Januar 2019

  • Updates to GOST specifications for steel wires
  • Continued SAE AMS material updates
  • ISO standard updates for steel drill pipes
  • Proprietary data for polymers and adhesives
  • New Compliance data added
  • Coming Soon!: New module, Enviro

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