Total Materia Integrator is a new software for creating a private company database of material information, whether it be internal standards and regulations, test data or external data sources.

In synergy with the Total Materia database, Integrator provides a solid, yet easy to deploy foundation for better engineering decisions, time savings and increased reliability.

The Challenges

  • Managing multiple disorganized and scattered data sources
  • Making accurate material information readily available throughout the organization
  • Maintaining traceability and ensuring information is accurate and up-to-date
  • Keeping up with the ever increasing pace of change of standards for materials

The Solution: Total Materia Integrator

  • Simple, lite and easy to use, yet powerful web application for inserting and managing materials, properties and related information
  • Complete traceability by tracking all changes made
  • Flexibility to add a range of user defined properties, datasets and documents
  • Advanced property searches, comparing materials and datasets, exporting data and much more in mere seconds

Integrator combines simplicity and an easy to use interface with flexibility to add multiple properties, diagrams and curves for private materials, along with a range of user defined datasets and documents. Unprecedented swiftness for deployment, huge instantanious gains in productivity and accuracy, together with world class support, altogether, represents exceptional value for money.


Through coupling with the Total Materia database, Integrator provides the complete scope of more than 450,000 materials, as well as the full functionality of Total Materia, such as advanced property searches, intuitive comparison tools for materials and datasets, exporting data in various formats including the leading CAE solvers and much more in a matter of seconds.

The Benefits

Simple: Flexible package configuration, available online or installed
Fast: Immediately ready off-the-shelf access can be granted in a matter of hours
Up to Date: New functionalities and data upgrades every single month
Easy to use: Standard Total Materia interface making finding information a pain free experiencetool
Powerful: Combined with Total Materia data, provides an invaluable data management tool
Affordable: Price is a fraction of comparative solutions on the market
Add Integrator to your current package immediately!