The Total Materia platform attracts a myriad of industries from all over the world, including many sectors that are not immediately associated with materials properties, but have multiple specific engineering needs. From the toy industry, small camera production to the serving world’s largest telescopes, artisan precision watch making, movie making and Disneyland to mass production of cement, rubber and furniture, Total Materia matches this diversity by offering the most expansive and versatile materials database available.

Covering a vast scope of datasets and functionalities, such as instant deciphering of unknown grades and specifications, international material cross-referencing, and finding alternatives for material procurement and sourcing within Total Metals and PolyPLUS, for a wide range of metallic and nonmetallic materials, Total Materia fulfills the needs of highly diversified businesses and provides incomparable assistance in optimizing all areas of the material work flow.

Your program is truly a valuable tool and unique on the Internet. I am entirely satisfied with its results, especially with comprehensive cross reference tables.

The support I have received was worth the price alone. It's a great investment.

Dr Vladimir Ogarevic
Vextec, Nashville, USA

The Benefits

Massive time savings sourcing material properties data; significant reduction in miscommunication with suppliers, customers and internally; new opportunities for optimization and savings in design and global sourcing