The Compliance module provides a single source of information about global regulations for materials and substances.

Comprising inventory lists, hazard identification, transport information and much more for thousands of materials, Compliance includes international regulations, such as REACH and RoHS, national, from the US to Japan, China and Russia, as well as specialized regulations such as food industry, water and sanitation, all integrated and searchable with material properties information.

The Challenges

  • Costly penalties and exclusion from the market resulting from noncompliance
  • Deciphering complex and diversified rules in different countries and even regions
  • Staying up-to-date with ever changing rules and regulations
  • Huge time and effort needed to gather information and apply it to the product line

The Solution: Total Materia - Compliance

The Compliance module offers a global view of up-to-date regulations for both materials and substances, allowing businesses to keep pace with the ever increasing pressure for companies to meet their legal obligations related to their products, components and the materials they use. Compliance helps in a variety of complex tasks such as the design and launch of a new product, converting an existing portfolio to meet regulatory guidelines, approving vendors, controlling materials and more.
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Owing to its coverage of international and national regulations, Compliance provides a possibility to quickly assess a globally created product, that can for example be designed in the US, with componentry from Japan, manufactured in China using local raw materials and substances, which will be eventually exported to the EU.

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Whether the objective is to assess new materials in conceptual design, to revise bills of materials for existing products, to test a new component in the laboratory, to compile due diligence documents, or to assess a new supplier, the Compliance module provides quick and simple access to centralized, unified and up-to-date information, thus eliminating errors throughout the workflow.

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In combination with a vast resource of basic and advanced material properties, compliance information, compliance of substances and all related international regulations can be readily exported to the company’s IT systems such as Product Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Resource Planning, which allows huge savings and enhances information flow.

The Benefits

Safeguarding the business by reducing the risk of noncompliance; Add new dimension to the processes of material selection; Huge time savings in compliance analysis and due diligence