Euronorm Standard List: Aluminium Materials


The creation of the EEC (European Economic Community) has made it necessary to establish common standards named "European Norms" (EN), therefore standardizing the common language across Europe. Since 1988 a new series of 'mandatory' European standards (EN) has been created, to replace national standards, such as BS, DIN, SS and NF, throughout 18 countries of Western Europe.

Aluminum is one of the most economical and structurally effective materials used for commercial and military equipment applications. Some of its attractive properties include: good appearance, easy of fabrication, good corrosion resistance, low density and high strength-to-weight ratio, high fracture toughness etc.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) uses four digits to identify the wrought alloys and five digits to identify the cast alloys and is broadly the same as the ISO and US numerical methods of identification where a four digit number identifies the unique alloy designation.

For more information on the EN designation system see Introduction to the Euronorm Standard Designation System.

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Aluminium Aerospace Materials

Aluminium Wrought/Castings/Ingots/Remelting

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