Temper Designations for Cu and Cu Alloys -- Wrought and Cast


Standard ASTM B601 defines the terminology in general use for indicating the temper of copper and copper alloy products. Temper designations for copper and copper alloys are classified according to terminology used by U.S. manafacturers of copper and copper alloy products.

Standard ASTM B601 defines the terminology in general use for indicating the temper of copper and copper alloy products. It defines the terminology of the processes that produce the tempers and the observable changes in the product that result from the processes. Also it establishes an alphanumeric code for use in designating the product tempers.

In the following paragraphs, tempers are classified according to terminology used by U.S. manafacturers of copper and copper alloy products, and are arranged in alphabetical order with their designated code letters:

1. Annealed Tempers, O

Tempers produced by annealing to meet mechanical properties requirements.

O10 Cast and annealed (homogenized)
O11 As-cast and precipitation heat treated
O20 Hot forged and annealed
O25 Hot rolled and annealed
O30 Hot extruded and annealed
O31 Extruded and precipitation heat treated
O40 Hot pierced and annealed
O50 Light annealed
O60 Soft annealed
O61 Annealed
O65 Drawing annealed
O68 Deep-drawing annealed
O70 Dead-soft annealed
O80 Annealed to temper,1/8 hard
O81 Annealed to temper,1/4 hard
O82 Annealed to temper,1/2 hard

2. Annealed Tempers, OS

Tempers produced by annealing to meet standard or special grain size requirements.

OS005 Average grain size, 0,005mm
OS010 Average grain size, 0,010mm
OS015 Average grain size, 0,015mm
OS025 Average grain size, 0,025mm
OS035 Average grain size, 0,035mm
OS050 Average grain size, 0,050mm
OS060 Average grain size, 0,060mm
OS070 Average grain size, 0,070mm
OS100 Average grain size, 0,100mm
OS120 Average grain size, 0,120mm
OS150 Average grain size, 0,150mm
OS200 Average grain size, 0,200mm

3. Manufactured Tempers, M

Tempers produced in the product by the primary manufacturing operations of casting and hot working and controlled by the methods employed in the operations.

M01 As-sand cast
M02 As-centrifugal cast
M03 As-plaster cast
M04 As-pressure die cast
M05 As-permanent mold cast
M06 As-investment cast
M07 As-continuous cast
M10 As-hot forged and air coole
M11 As-forged and quenched
M20 As-hot rolled
M30 As-hot extruded
M40 As-hot pierced
M45 As-hot pierced and rerolled

4. Cold-Worked Tempers, H

Tempers produced by controlled amounts of cold work, Cold-Worked (Drawn), Stress-Relieved Tempers, HR-Tempers produced by controlled amounts of cold work followed by stress relief and Order-Strengthening Tempers, HT-Tempers produced by controlled amounts of cold work followed by a thermal treatment to produce order strengthening.

H00 1/8 hard
H01 1/4 hard
H02 1/2 hard
H03 3/4 hard
H04 Hard
H06 Extra hard
H08 Spring
H10 Extra spring
H12 Special spring
H13 Ultra spring
H14 Super spring
H50 Extruded and drawn
H52 Pierced and drawn
H55 Light drawn;light cold rolled
H58 Drawn general purpose
H60 Cold heading; forming
H63 Rivet
H64 Screw
H66 Bold
H70 Bending
H80 Hard drawn
H85 Medium-hard-drawn electrical wire
H86 Hard-drawn electrical wire
H90 As-finned
HR01 H01and stress relieved
HR02 H02 and stress relieved
HR04 H04and stress relieved
HR08 H08 and stress relieved
HR10 H10and stress relieved
HR20 As-finned
HR50 Drawn and stress relieved
HT04 H04 and order heat treated
HT08 H08 and order heat treated

5. Heat-Treated Tempers, T

Tempers that are based on heat treatments followed by rapid cooling

5.1 Quench-Hardened Tempers, TQ

Tempers produced by quench hardening treatments.

TQ00 Quench hardened
TQ50 Quench hardened and temper annealed
TQ55 Quench hardened and temper annealed cold drawn and stress relieved
TQ75 Interrupted quench hardened

5.2 Solution Heat-Treated Temper, TB

Tempers produced by solution heat treating precipitation hardenable or spinodal hardenable alloys.

TB00 Solution heat treated

5.3 Solution Heat-Treated and Cold-Worked Tempers, TD

Tempers produced by controlled amounts of cold work of solution heat-treated precipitation hardenable or spinodal hardenable alloys.

D00 TB00 cold worked to 1/8 hard
D01 TB00 cold worked to 1/4 hard
D02 TB00 cold worked to 1/2 hard
D03 TB00 cold worked to 3/4 hard
D04 TB00 cold worked to full hard

5.4 Precipitation Heat-Treated Temper, TF

Tempers produced by precipitation heat treatment of precipitation-hardenable alloys.

F00 TB00 and precipitation hardened

5.5 Spinodal Heat Treated Temper, TX

Tempers produced by spinodal heat treatment of spinodal hardenable alloys.

TX00 Spinodal hardened

5.6 Cold-Worked and Precipitation Heat-Treated Tempers, TH

Tempers produced in alloys that have been solution heat treated, cold worked, and precipitation heat treated.

TH01 TD01 and precipitation hardened
TH02 TD02 and precipitation hardened
TH03 TD03 and precipitation hardened
TH04 TD04 and precipitation

5.7 Cold Worked and Spinodal Heat Treated Tempers, TS

Tempers produced in alloys that have been solution heat treated, cold worked and spinodal heat treated.

TS00 1/8 Hard and Spinodal Hardened (1/8 TS)
TS01 1/4 Hard and Spinodal Hardened (1/4 TS)
TS02 1/2 Hard and Spinodal Hardened (1/2 TS)
TS03 3/4 Hard and Spinodal Hardened (3/4 TS)
TS04 Hard and Spinodal Hardened
TS06 Exstra Hard and Spinodal Hardened
TS08 Spring and Spinodal Hardened
TS10 Exstra Spring and Spinodal Hardened
TS12 Special Spring and Spinodal Hardened
TS13 Ultra Spring and Spinodal Hardened
TS14 Super Spring and Spinodal Hardened

5.8 Mill-Hardened Tempers, TM

Tempers of heat-treated materials as supplied by the mill resulting from combinations of cold work and precipitation heat treatment or spinodal heat treatment.

TM01 1/4 HM
TM02 1/2 HM

5.9 Precipitation Heat-Treated or Spinodal Heat-Treated and Cold- Worked Tempers, TL

Tempers produced by cold working the precipitation heat-treated or spinodal heat-treated alloys.

TL00 TF00 cold worked to 1/8 hard
TL01 TF00 cold worked to 1/4 hard
TL02 TF00 cold worked to 1/2 hard
TL04 TF00 cold worked to full hard
TL08 TF00 cold worked to spring
TL10 TF00 cold worked to extra spring

5.10 Precipitation Heat-Treated or Spinodal Heat-Treated, Cold-Worked, and Thermal Stress-Relieved Tempers, TR

Tempers produced in the cold-worked precipiation heattreated or spinodal heat-treated alloys by thermal stress relief.

TR01 TL01 and stress relieved
TR02 TL02 and stress relieved
TR04 TL04 and stress relieved

6. Tempers of Welded Tubes, W

(Welded tubes are produced from strip of various tempers and essentially have the temper of the strip except in the heat-affected zone.)

6.1 Tube, As-Welded Tempers, WM

Tempers that result from forming and welding when producing tube.

WM00 As welded from H00(1/8-hard) strip
WM01 As welded from H01(1/4-hard) strip
WM02 As welded from H02(1/2-hard) strip
WM03 As welded from H03(3/4-hard) strip
WM04 As welded from H04(full-hard) strip
WM06 As welded from H06(extra-hard) strip
WM08 As welded from H08(spring) strip
WM10 As welded from H010(extra-spring) strip
WM15 WM50 and stress relieved
WM20 WM00 and stress relieved
WM21 WM01 and stress relieved
WM22 WM02 and stress relieved
WM50 As welded from annealed strip

6.2. Tube, Welded and Annealed Temper, WO

Temper that results from forming, welding, and annealing when producing tube.

WO50 Welded and light annealed

6.3 Tube, Welded and Cold-Worked Tempers, WH

Tempers that result from forming, welding, and cold working when producing tube.

WH00 Welded and drawn to 1/8 hard
WH01 Welded and drawn to 1/4 hard
WH02 Welded and drawn to 1/2 hard
WH03 Welded and drawn to 3/4 hard
WH04 Welded and drawn to fuul hard
WH06 Welded and drawn to extra hard

6.4 Tube, Welded, Cold-Worked and Stress Relieved Tempers, WR

Tempers that result from forming, welding, cold working, and stress relieving when producing tube.

WR00 WM00; drawn and stress relieved
WR01 WM01; drawn and stress relieved
WR02 WM02; drawn and stress relieved
WR03 WM03; drawn and stress relieved
WR04 WM04; drawn and stress relieved
WR06 WM06; drawn and stress relieved

6.5 Tube, Welded, and Fully Finished Tempers, O, OS,H

Tempers that result from both annealing a welded and cold worked tube, or cold working, a welded cold worked and annealed tube. With these treatments, the weld area has been transformed into a wrought structure, and the usual temper designations apply.

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