Precise information is fundamental in supporting core business processes, whether it be quality assurance in the manufacturing environment or more detailed analytical activities such as material comparison and identification. Total Materia, the world's largest material properties database, with its patented module for material identification SmartComp are designed to increase efficiency of inspection and analysis, and are trusted by the world's leading spectrometer producers.

In the world of quality assurance, inspection and laboratories, one can never overstate the importance of accuracy and reliability. This is why at Total Materia we have invested in multiple certification processes - our company quality processes, procedures and customer service exceed the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

We recently included Total Materia as a part of our software offering. Total Materia is expected to be highly beneficial to all the companies that perform analyses of metals with our spectrometers.

Our collaborators involved in this project greatly appreciated working with your team. Indeed, we are satisfied with your on-time delivery of the product after incorporating our wishes and expectations.

Dr Jean-Marc Böhlen
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Benefits

Empowering quality assurance teams through instant material data access; huge time savings in research through intelligent material identification; driving further critical activities through accurate, reliable and up-to-date information