Material Prices Information in Total Materia


General Comments

Material prices provided in Total Materia are indicative numbers to help make informed materials selection decisions in combination with other information provided. The pricing information has been obtained from a range of verified sources such as producer’s catalogs, specialized metal reseller shops, recognized world centers for the trading of industrial metals such as the London Metal Exchange (LME). Material prices are subject to change and often without notice and so we advise further investigation to confirm precise details when required.


Considerations about Material Prices

In general, prices are affected among other factors by quantities, delivery condition, manufacturing processes, product availability, and country of origin. Typically, the final price is calculated based on the base material price plus extras or alloy surcharges. Price build up policies (base price and extras) are related to each specific standard method of production and can vary from producer to producer. In general extras, or part of thereof are included in the provided prices inside Total Materia.


Material Prices inside Total Materia

The information and data presented in Total Materia are typical/average values and not a guarantee of maximum, minimum or precise values. The accuracy of the pricing values has been increased by excluding prices for specific orders (small and for exotic product forms) that were deemed not to be representative and if considered would significantly skew the price distribution for that specific material group when calculated.

To ensure we provide as much relevant and useful information as possible, where prices for a particular material are not available, we use historical prices and ratio to a traceable referent material whose price is available. In addition, where available, information about specific lot sizes is provided when it is reliably specified in the price source.