About Us

As pioneers and global leaders in our niche, our journey began with the launch of our first online materials database in 1999, setting a new standard for innovation and excellence. Since then, we have maintained our leading market position by continuously pushing the boundaries of possibility through relentless innovation and product development.

Over the past 25 years, we have expanded our niche by addressing an ever-widening array of engineering challenges related to materials. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve has enabled us to not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our customers, solidifying our reputation as the go-to resource for cutting & bleeding-edge solutions in our field.

Our Main Principles Are


Building trust

and reducing uncertainty by providing data reliability and integrity to the highest possible level



to our customers with unparalleled support, localization, and presence worldwide


Leadership through innovation

with relentless investment into the development of products and services


To deliver the best-in-class materials information solutions to companies, partners, and the global engineering ecosystem.


To help the world to select the best-performing materials for innovation, savings, and sustainability.

Total Materia In Numbers

1999 First online database
1000+ Active users
140+ Countries
70+ Employees

Inside Our Operations

Office Zurich

Our Headquarters: Zurich

Our Zurich headquarters is the hub for our financial operations and IPR management, supporting our main development office, ensuring seamless integration across all facets of our business.

Office Belgrade (1)

Our main development office: Belgrade

In Belgrade, our office stands as the operational powerhouse, hosting our primary operations, product development, and sales & support center, driving our company's growth and innovation.

Our People

At Total Materia AG, our success is deeply rooted in the incredible individuals who make up our team. Their diverse talents and perspectives are essential in fostering innovation and driving progress, and helping to cultivate a supportive environment where we help each other to succeed. 

Our Leadership Team

Viktor Pocajt (1)

Viktor Pocajt

Chief Executive Officer

As the Co-Founder, President & CEO of Total Materia AG, Viktor brings a wealth of experience in the materials engineering industry and holds a BSc in mechanical and chemical engineering, MBA and PhD in applied computing.

Peter Heusser (1)

Peter Heusser

Co-Founder & Chairman

Peter, Co-Founder and Chairman, oversees finance, legal matters, compliance, and IPR, along with strategic planning. Additionally, he holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Neil Baumann (1)

Neil Baumann

Chief Operations Officer

As COO at Total Materia AG and CEO of our main development center, Neil Baumann oversees operations, sales, customer engagement, and support at the company. He possesses an engineering degree, specializing in quality management systems and process enhancement.

Nemanja Jevremovic (1)

Nemanja Jevremović

Chief Information Officer

Nemanja, CIO at Total Materia AG, leads the company's tech innovations and IT strategy with a focus on resilience and advancement. His software engineering expertise and strategic vision drive growth and keep the tech forefront.

Mariagrazia Vottari

Mariagrazia Vottari

Chief Technology Officer

Mariagrazia, CTO at Total Materia, has an extensive background in materials science and mechanical engineering. Her background and dedication in industrial engineering environments have been instrumental in our aggressive product development approach.

Marco Pelissero

Marco Pelissero

Chief Commercial Officer

With over 30 years of experience working in commercial management and business development in some of the world's leading industrial technology companies, Marco brings drive and organization to scaling the commercial business of Total Materia AG.