We recognize the importance of providing you with accurate and reliable information, which is why we have invested in multiple certification processes. image

Focus on Quality: ISO 9001 Certification

Our company quality processes, customer service, and product development procedures meet or exceed ISO 9001:2008 standards – the first in the material properties information business.

Focus on Reliability: The Superstructure

In addition to ensuring the quality of information provided, Total Materia provides the highest service performance and reliability.

Top quality servers: Total Materia is hosted on dedicated servers managed by a premier internet service provider (rated in the Top 5 worldwide according to Gartner Report for 2006) with a 7Gbps connection to the data centre and 100% uptime guarantee. Acceleration of 20 to 140% in response time is enabled using Advanced Anycast Routing Technology which ensures fast and reliable DNS Connections.

6x redundant access for ultimate availability: Three levels of Uninterruptible Power Supply, a dual backup power generator, redundant processors and 6x redundant access to the Internet through Tier 1 global providers.

Global mesh of replicated, fail-safe networks: Total Materia is safe even in the event of unthinkable disasters. Dual servers are physically located on different continents and powered by methodologies which ensures 100% failover capabilities.

Turnkey system that works for you: Regardless of the Total Materia Web Edition you have, we will take care of automatic database updates and software upgrades.

Focus on Security: ISO 27001 Certified

Total Materia provides you with the ISO 27001 certified security level for Information Security Management Systems.

Dedicated security equipment: Dedicated Cisco hardware firewall, managed by Cisco technicians and increased port monitoring for higher security of your data.

Unbreakable security of sensitive information: All your sensitive information is processed in a secure environment, using unbreakable SSL 3.0 with high, 128-bit encryption and 1024 bit exchange.

24x7 monitoring and back-up policy: Technical measures for security and reliability also include increased monitoring and network traffic, transactions replicated in real-time to increase the speed of recovery, and triple back-ups physically stored in different continents.

Full commitment to safeguard your privacy: Your information is completely confidential, and our privacy policy is in compliance with EU Data Protection Directive 95/46 and Directive on privacy and electronic communications 2002/58/EC. Data protection standards are high and meticulously enforced.

Focus on Your Needs: World Class Technical Support

Total Materia engineers and metallurgists have the experience and expertise to help you with the most challenging metals identification, properties, cross references and general standards information you may require.

Available FREE of charge for our customers, our 25 specialists, database utilities, comprehensive off-line library and decades of industrial and R&D experience are at your service!