PolyPLUS is the non-metallic material properties dataset for thousands of plastics, ceramics and composites covering both proprietary and standard materials and including advanced property datasets.

In Total Materia's library of Ceramic materials it is possible to find thousands of ceramic materials covering carbides, nitrides, glass materials and many more.

Step 1: Searching for ceramic materials in PolyPLUS

To begin searching and if you know the material designation you are looking for you can simply enter this into the material designation box on the PolyPLUS quick search page. Other search possibilities available allow you to also search by country/standard, producer, group of materials and material family or to search by properties in advanced search.

In this case we will view information for the material Luminex 970. After you insert the material designation into the field, click on the Search button to generate a list of materials which match your search criteria.

Searching for ceramic materials in PolyPLUS

Step 2: Viewing material properties

The list of materials will display all relevant materials matching your original search criteria. To view a summary of all available property information, click on the material of interest. In this case there is only one material in the list.

All property categories for which data can be found will be visible through the relevant colored link with the number of data points available given in brackets as well as the producer of the material where applicable.

Viewing material properties

To begin viewing material properties, simply click on the link. In this case we will first take a look at mechanical properties including flexural and compression strength.

Physical properties cover, to name but a few, porosity, color, and bulk density.

References are available for all proprietary information and this can be viewed underneath the data table.

Other data availble for ceramic materials include thermal properties such as mean coefficient of thermal expansion and electrical properties including data on volume resistivity.

Viewing material properties

Step 3: Cross-reference tables & material comparison

Viewing cross references and making material comparisons is a critical part of material replacement and selection. To view cross reference tables for standardized ceramic materials simply click on the cross reference link.

Here you will be presented with a categorized list of equivalent materials from which you can look in more details at property data or select to compare along side your original material.

Cross-reference tables & material comparison

For more information on cross referencing in Total Materia, see a more in depth tour in our Total Metals guided tour library.

There are two ways to compare materials in PolyPLUS, through the quick compare option which allows a quick side by side view of the two materials of interest and also through the more comprehensive comparison view option which allows for up to 4 materials and their properties to be compared simultaneously. For a more detailed look at comparison possibilities in Total Materia see our Total Metals guided tour library for more information.

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