With Total Materia , finding information about a material standard specification, its current status and the materials it defines is one click away. By simply selecting a Standard Development Organization (SDO) and/or typing the standard number, you receive immediate results from the multi-lingual database with over 52,000 standards.

Step 1: Choosing a search option

Your first step is choosing the right search option. To search by standard designation or standard description, use Standard List.

Step 2: Defining search criteria

To find list of all GOST standard for non-ferrous metals according to ICS number 77.120.00, you can simply type 77.120.00 as ICS number and select Russia / GOST from the popup.

Defining search criteria

Step 3: Selecting a material from the list of the results

The result list consists of 4 different GOST standards. Information includes: standard description, year of last issue, current status (valid, replaced etc) and a hot link to the materials defined by this standard. Each of these three parts defines a relatively large list of materials.

Selecting a material from the list of the results

By simply clicking the material link, you can see a list of metal materials defined by the selected standard.

Selecting a material from the list of the results

From the list of materials, you can review detailed properties and equivalents of each material.

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