Total Materia's advanced search allows for a whole range of search criteria to be specified to help find a targeted list of materials according to the intended application. Combination of several elements can be given as a search condition, and it can be combined with the other criteria, to select the material that exactly matches your requests.

Step 1: Choosing a search option

Suppose that you want to select a European EN steel with some specific criteria relating to composition and mechanical properties.

To begin, click on the Advanced search button to see the available search options in an intuitively laid out form.

Step 2: Defining search criteria

To define the search criteria you can select EN from the country's pop-up list. To define chemical composition criteria check C, thus enabling fields for values. Then enter 0.2 for maximum C value.

In order to define yield stress and tensile stress values enter 650 for minimum yield stress value and 900 for minimum tensile stress value.

Defining search criteria

After you click the Search button, Total Materia will find all European materials that fulfil given criteria and display them in the list.

Result list

You will also notice the selected search criteria at the top of the page which allows editing and subtle adjustment of the advanced search simply.

An example of this adjustment would be to narrow the materials with yield stress to a certain temperature range. To do this you can go back into advanced search, add the temperature range and then click search again.

Result list (narrow search)

Step 3: Selecting a material from the list of the results

Selecting materials by country and group generally results in a list of materials that satisfy criteria you gave.

Depending on given criteria, this list can be quite large (up to 2000 materials), so it is displayed in pages. By using navigation buttons, you can navigate through the pages, jump to the beginning or the end of the list or go to a specific page.

Selecting a material from the list of the results

If you are interested in properties of some specific material from the list, you can click on its designation.

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