Elevating Operational Efficiency and Product Quality at Emak Group

A Synthesis of Innovation and Quality in Agricultural and Gardening Machinery

Emak Group specializes in designing and manufacturing a diverse range of gardening and small agriculture machines. With a focus on lightweight and reliable two-stroke engines for portable applications and a wide variety of wheeled machines, Emak constantly faces engineering challenges. The company operates multiple distribution branches in Europe, Asia (China), and the Americas (USA and Brazil), with the main production facilities located in Italy and China.

Emak Group's Strategic Approach to Material Efficiency and Quality Assurance

Emak Group's Technical Management team faced the critical task of ensuring their machinery's reliability and lightweight efficiency, where selecting appropriate materials significantly influenced product performance, durability, and environmental impact. Concurrently, the Quality Control team focused on identifying and resolving material non-conformities that affected product quality and production flow, requiring precise material analysis to guide corrective actions and manage supplier quality.

Meanwhile, the Production Technology department dealt with verifying the processability of thermoplastic materials, making efficient coordination and standardization with the Technical Management team essential for reliable and efficient material-related decisions.

Optimizing Performance with Advanced Material Intelligence

Total Materia has become a vital asset for the Technical Management team at Emak

Optimizing Performance with Advanced Material Intelligence

Total Materia has become a vital asset for the Technical Management team at Emak, offering a comprehensive database that supports in-depth material research. The platform provides key insights into properties like resistance, stress-strain behavior, fatigue life, and corrosion resistance, aiding in the design of reliable, lightweight engines with reduced CO2 emissions. The platform's role extends to Quality Control, where its detailed material analysis capabilities are crucial for thorough investigations, ensuring precision and compliance with global regulations like REACH and RoHS. This aids Emak in effectively managing material risks and adhering to strict standards.

Furthermore, Total Materia serves as a vital link between the Technical Management and Production Technology teams. It supplies precise information on thermoplastic materials to the Production Technology team, enhancing collaboration with Technical Management. This unified approach streamlines communication and decision-making processes, leading to consistent, reliable, and efficient material selections across teams.

Material Intelligence: A Game-Changer in Emak's Quest for Superior Quality and Efficiency

The introduction of Total Materia significantly advanced Emak's material management and research capabilities. With more than a hundred different materials being used to construct their machines, Total Materia brought systematic organization and facilitated the identification of replacement materials for outdated trade names and acronyms.

As such, Total Materia's immense value led Emak to recommend the platform to other companies. The company's management even insisted on implementing Total Materia as a common tool across the entire EMAK group, emphasizing its positive impact on efficiency, material selection, and overall quality.

Emak Group: A Brief Overview Emak Group is a prominent Italian company, specializing in providing innovative solutions in gardening, agriculture, forestry, and industry. The company excels in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of machines, components, and accessories, all of which possess high technological value, aimed at enhancing customers' efficiency and simplifying their activities. Through their collaboration with Total Materia, Emak has experienced increased efficiency, improved product quality, and enhanced material research capabilities, solidifying their position as a leading player in their field.