Boriding/Boronizing of Steel Materials

As a thermos chemical process used for surface hardening boriding or boronizing entails heating a material to between 700-1000°C for 1 to 12 hours using a boronaceous solid powder, paste, liquid or gaseous medium.

Rapid Slurry Forming (RSF) Technology

Rapid slurry formation (RSF) is a novel semi-solid metal forming technique which allows complex geometries to be formed in a single operation.

Inert Gas Soldering

Inert gas soldering can be classified as a system which uses a controlled nitrogen blanket atmosphere and an entry vacuum oxygen/nitrogen exchange chamber.

Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys: Part One

Biodegradable metals have an extremely important part to play in healthcare since they are designed to dissolve in vivo, and without eliciting a negative response in the host.

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