Semi-Austenitic Stainless Steels

Semi-austenitic stainless steels are just one of three groups of materials which are precipitation hardened steels, the others being martensitic and austenitic.

Manganese Sulphide Inclusions in Steel: Part Two

As we know, the presence of Sulphur can significantly improve the machinability of steel but deformable MnS inclusions resulting from rolling and forging, can lead to anisotropy in mechanical and fatigue properties.

ISASMELT Process Technology

ISAMELT technology is a relatively new commercially available approach which launched in 2009 and is based on furnace design which was derived and developed from the first ever demonstration level furnace in 1983 in Australia.

Grain Refinement of Magnesium Alloys

The main objectives of grain refinement is to achieve a fine, uniform and equiaxed grain structure which in turn will lead to a much improved, stable and predictable set of mechanical properties.

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