Intercritical Annealing of Ductile Iron: Part One

The main annealing processes specifically with relation to ductile irons are used to increase strength, wear resistance, ductility, toughness, and/or improve machinability by controlling the matrix microstructure.

Sinter Rotary Forging: Part One

Sinter rotary forging combines techniques of two well established other forging processes to create forged products from pressed and sintered metal powder preforms.

Superplasticity of Aluminum Alloys: Part One

Superplasticity is a diffusion controlled process which can only be achieved at relatively high temperatures and with a very small and stable grain size.

Electro-Slag Welding (ESW) of Titanium Alloys: Part One

Titanium has found its place in some relatively important aerospace and marine applications due to its high melting point, specific strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

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