Classification: Polymers / Plastics, thermoplasts / Blends/Alloys (PA+PP, PC+PET...) / PPSU+PSU

Material Designation Alternative Designation View Material Data
D6394 SP0411 D6394SP0411

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D6394 SP0412 D6394SP0412

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Total Materia Horizon includes:

  • Comprehensive data on mechanical, physical properties
  • >80 Global standards and their equivalencies
  • Precision tools for comparison and analytics streamlining the selection process.
  • Stress-strain, formability, fatigue, creep and fracture data
  • Exports to over 25 CAx formats.
  • Heat treatment, metallography, corrosion information
  • Welding, brazing and adhesives data
  • Monthly updated, traceable sources ensure reliability

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