Total Materiaはライブによるウェビナーを開催致します。このウェビナーはベーシック紹介からTotal Materiaデータベース、機能やさらに一歩進んで主要モジュールの詳細に及ぶデモンストレーション、Tips and Tricksなどさまざまな話題を取り上げます。
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Total Materia New Application Launch!

Get a first hand look at the new look Total Materia!
Introducing a whole new level in the exploration of materials information for more than 450,000 materials.
Highlights include:
- A what's new summary in the new Total Materia application
- Upgraded functionalities for comparing and visualization of materials information
- Enhanced export and reporting possibilities
- New module demonstration to manage favorite material lists
- Compliance assessment tool for fast understanding of material compliance

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