Cross-reference tables for DIN aluminium cast alloys


In this article cross-referencing between alphanumeric and numeric temper designations for aluminum cast alloys according to DIN 1725 standard specification is described. This specification covers designation system for different processes such as sand castings, gravity die castings and pressure die castings.

Alphanumeric designation
Numeric designation
G-AlSi12 3.2581.01
G-AlMg3 3.3541.01
G-AlSi12g 3.2581.44
GK-AlMg3 3.3541.02
GK-Alsi12 3.2581.02
G-AlMg3Si 3.3241.01
GK-AlSi12g 3.2581.45
G-AlMg3Si wa 3.3241.61
GD-AlSi12 3.2582.05
GK-AlMg3Si 3.3241.02
G-AlSi12(Cu) 3.2583.01
GK-AlMg3Si wa 3.3241.62
GK-AlSi12(Cu) 3.2583.02
G-AlMg3(Cu) 3.3543.01
GD-AlSi12(Cu) 3.2982.05
GK-AlMg3(Cu) 3.3543.02
G-AlSi10Mg 3.2381.01
G-AlMg5 3.3561.01
G-AlSi10Mg wa 3.2381.61
GK-AlMg5 3.3561.02
GK-AlSi10Mg 3.2381.02
G-AlMg5Si 3.3261.01
GK-AlSi10Mg wa 3.2381.62
GK-AlMg5Si 3.3261.02
GD-AlSi10Mg 3.2382.05
GD-AlMg9 3.3292.05
G-AlSi10Mg (Cu) 3.2382.01
G-AlMg10 ho 3.3591.43
G-AlSi10Mg (Cu) wa 3.2383.61
G-AlSi9Mg wa 3.2373.61
GK-AlSi10Mg(Cu) 3.2383.02
GK-AlSi9Mg wa 3.2373.62
GK-AlSi10Mg(Cu)wa 3.2383.62
G-AlSi7Mg wa 3.2371.61
GD-AlSi10Mg(Cu) 3.2983.05
GK- AlSi7Mg wa 3.2371.62
G-AlSi8Cu3 3.2161.01
G-AlCu4Ti ta 3.1841.63
GK-AlSi8Cu3 3.2161.02
G-AlCu4Ti wa 3.1841.61
GD-AlSi8Cu3 3.2162.05
GK-AlCu4Ti ta 3.1841.64
G-AlSi6Cu4 3.2151.01
GK-AlCu4Ti wa 3.1841.62
GK-AlSi6Cu4 3.2151.02
G-AlCu4TiMg ka 3.1371.41
GD-AlSi6Cu4 3.2152.05
G-AlCu4TiMg wa 3.1371.61
G-AlSi5Mg 3.2341.01
GK-AlCu4TiMg ka 3.1371.42
G-AlSi5Mg ka 3.2341.41
GK-AlCu4TiMg wa 3.1371.62
G-AlSi5Mg wa 3.2341.61
GK-AlSi5Mg 3.2341.02
GK-AlSi5Mg ka 3.2341.42
GK-AlSi5Mg wa 3.2341.62

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