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Material designation: 15C8
Numerical designation: Class 1A
Standard:  IS
Country:  India


1 IS 11169-1 (1984)
Steels for cold heading/cold extrusion application Part 1 Wrought carbon and low alloy steels
2 IS 11185 (1984)
Technical supply conditions for hot rolled and forged steel bars for use in machine tool industry
3 IS 13352 (1992)
Stock for forgings produced from continuously bast billets, blooms, slabs and bars - specification
4 IS 1570-2 (1989)
Schedules for Wrought Steels - Part 2: Carbon Steels (Unalloyed Steels)
5 IS 1570-2 Sec 1 (1979)
Schedules for Wrought Steels - Part 2 :Carbon Steels (Unalloyed Steels) - Section 1 : Wrought Products (Other Than Wires) With Specified Chemical Composition and Related Properties
6 IS 1875 (1994)
Carbon steel billets, blooms, slabs and bars for forgings
7 IS 2004 (1991)
Carbon steel forgings for general engineering purposes - Specification
8 IS 3261 (1980)
Specification for carbon steel forgings for shipbuilding industry
9 IS 4432 (1994)
Case hardening steels
10 IS 9175-1 (1979)
Rationalized Steels for the Automobile and Ancillary Industry - Part 1 :Chemical Composition
11 IS 9175-2 (1985)
Specification for Rationalized Steels for Automobile and Ancillary Industry, Mechanical and Physical Properties - Part 2 :15c8 Grade Steel
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