APRIL 2015

  • ASTM steel standard updates for a wide range of applications
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous SAE standard updates
  • New Mexican NMX standards added
  • JIS and DIN standard updates for steels with applications at high temperatures
  • Updates to GOST standards including aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys
  • New standard (ISO, EN) and proprietary polymer materials inserted
  • New standard and proprietary composites and honeycombs
  • New diagrams for Multipoint data
  • Further updates to fatigue data for Japanese metals
  • Updates to fatigue data for SAE and Japanese materials
  • New stress strain curves added for metals, polymers and composites

MARCH 2015

  • Japanese JFS material updates
  • New GOST specifications for a range of materials added
  • Updates to CSN copper alloys
  • JIS standard updates including carbon and stainless steels
  • New ASTM, ISO, EN and proprietary polymer materials added
  • New diagrams for Multipoint data
  • New proprietary ceramics materials
  • New proprietary composites materials
  • New fibers materials
  • Updates to fatigue data for SAE and Japanese materials
  • New Stress Strain curves for metals


  • ASTM specification updates including copper, nickel and aluminum alloys
  • New Mexican (NMX) ferrous and non-ferrous alloys added
  • European materials for pressure vessels applications updated from AD 2000 Codes
  • CSN specification updates for castings
  • New standard ASTM and proprietary polymer materials
  • New proprietary composite materials
  • New standard ASTM foam materials
  • New standard EN and ASTM and proprietary cements materials
  • New proprietary honeycomb materials
  • New Multipoint data diagrams
  • Updates to fatigue data for metals and composites
  • Stress strain and creep data added for Chinese materials


  • Material updates for SAE ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • EN aerospace series material updates
  • Various ASTM steel specifications including different product forms
  • VdTÜV WB standard updates for steels including those used for cryogenic application
  • New standard EN and ISO and proprietary polymer materials
  • New standard GB and proprietary ceramic materials
  • New proprietary foam and composite materials
  • New standard ASTM, SAE and proprietary fiber materials
  • New diagrams for secant modulus, shear rate and modulus of elasticity
  • New stress strain curves added for metals and non-metals
  • New isochronous stress strain curves available

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