Multi-user web licensing with Total Materia is the most convenient and cost-effective solution for groups small and large, offices and enterprises.

Multi-user Licensing: Network and Corporate Edition

Distribute the informational power and knowledge of the Total Materia Databases with access incorporated into your intranet. You and all your colleagues can access the database on an "as needed" basis any time, directly within your corporate network.

extended range

Multi-user solutions provide unprecedented flexibility. Select the licensing option that best fits your needs:

Network: Server-based license, with 3 to 6 simultaneous accesses. Provides password free convenience and distributed access for mid-sized and larger organizations.

Corporate: Server-based license, with unlimited number of simultaneous accesses and unlimited number of servers. Perfect price/performance ratio for large companies and centralized resource centers.

Selection of the most suitable Total Materia multiuser solution is based on a combination of the number of simultaneous accesses and number of physical locations requiring access to the database.

See below for a guide on the right solution for you:

MultiUser Option

Simultaneous Acceses


MultiUser Option Description

Network 3



Designed for a small team in one location or spread across a maximum of three locations
Network 4



For individuals or a small team across a maximum of four locations
Network 5



For individuals or a number of small teams across a maximum of six locations
Network 6



For several teams spread across a maximum of eight locations



Global access across an umlimited amount of locations with unlimited simultaneous use

Benefits of Multi-user Solutions

Turn-key solution, maintenance-free: No need to install, download, and maintain any software on your server and computers.

Always up-to-date: Your users will always be working with the most recent and up-to-date version of the Database.

Fast and easy access to the database and content: Users do not need to hassle with logins and passwords.

Exceptional economy: This is the most cost-effective solution if you have several individuals who need access to material properties information. Many people can have access to the database information whenever they need it.


Multi-user pricing is based on the number of simultaneous connections granted with a minimum of 3, upto an unlimited amount through our Corporate option and also the number of locations that you want to serve.

To see more information on product selection guidelines see our comprehensive multiuser price list.