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Standard USA / UNS
Group of Materials Low carbon steels, low alloyed
D40450View material D40450
D40500View material D40500
D40550View material D40550
D40600View material D40600
D40650View material D40650
D40700View material D40700
D40750View material D40750
D40800View material D40800
D40900View material D40900
D50400View material D50400
D50500View material D50500
D50600View material D50600
D50850View material D50850
D50950View material D50950
D51150View material D51150
D51250View material D51250
D51350View material D51350
D51450View material D51450
D51500View material D51500
D51501View material D51501
D51800View material D51800
D51801View material D51801
D52100View material D52100
D52101View material D52101
D61440View material D61440
G10000View material G10000
G10010View material G10010
G10020View material G10020
G10030View material G10030
G10040View material G10040
G10050View material G10050
G10051View material G10051
G10054View material G10054
G10060View material G10060
G10061View material G10061
G10064View material G10064
G10070View material G10070
G10080View material G10080
G10081View material G10081
G10084View material G10084
G10090View material G10090
G10100View material G10100
G10104View material G10104
G10110View material G10110
G10111View material G10111
G10114View material G10114
G10120View material G10120
G10121View material G10121
G10124View material G10124
G10130View material G10130
G10150View material G10150
G10151View material G10151
G10154View material G10154
G10160View material G10160
G10161View material G10161
G10164View material G10164
G10170View material G10170
G10171View material G10171
G10174View material G10174
G10180View material G10180
G10181View material G10181
G10184View material G10184
G10190View material G10190
G10200View material G10200
G10201View material G10201
G10204View material G10204
G10210View material G10210
G10211View material G10211
G10214View material G10214
G10220View material G10220
G10221View material G10221
G10224View material G10224
G10230View material G10230
G10231View material G10231
G10234View material G10234
G10250View material G10250
G10251View material G10251
G10254View material G10254
G10260View material G10260
G10261View material G10261
G10264View material G10264
G10290View material G10290
G10291View material G10291
G10294View material G10294
G11080View material G11080
G11090View material G11090
G11100View material G11100
G11104View material G11104
G11160View material G11160
G11170View material G11170
G11174View material G11174
G11180View material G11180
G11184View material G11184
G11190View material G11190
G11230View material G11230
G11234View material G11234
G12110View material G12110
G12120View material G12120
G12124View material G12124
G12130View material G12130
G12134View material G12134
G12144View material G12144
G12150View material G12150
G12154View material G12154
G15030View material G15030
G15130View material G15130
G15131View material G15131
G15134View material G15134
G15150View material G15150
G15180View material G15180
G15210View material G15210
G15220View material G15220
G15221View material G15221
G15224View material G15224
G15240View material G15240
G15241View material G15241
G15244View material G15244
G15250View material G15250
G15260View material G15260
G15261View material G15261
G15264View material G15264
G15270View material G15270
G15271View material G15271
G15274View material G15274
G33106View material G33106
G40120View material G40120
G40230View material G40230
G40240View material G40240
G40270View material G40270
G40274View material G40274
G40280View material G40280
G40284View material G40284
G41180View material G41180
G41181View material G41181
G41184View material G41184
G41200View material G41200
G41204View material G41204
G41210View material G41210
G41214View material G41214
G43200View material G43200
G43204View material G43204
G44190View material G44190
G44220View material G44220
G44270View material G44270
G45200View material G45200
G46150View material G46150
G46151View material G46151
G46170View material G46170
G46171View material G46171
G46174View material G46174
G46200View material G46200
G46201View material G46201
G46204View material G46204
G46210View material G46210
G46260View material G46260
G47150View material G47150
G47154View material G47154
G47180View material G47180
G47200View material G47200
G47204View material G47204
G48150View material G48150
G48154View material G48154
G48170View material G48170
G48200View material G48200
G48204View material G48204
G50150View material G50150
G51150View material G51150
G51170View material G51170
G51190View material G51190
G51200View material G51200
G51204View material G51204
G51210View material G51210
G51240View material G51240
G61180View material G61180
G61200View material G61200
G81150View material G81150
G86150View material G86150
G86154View material G86154
G86170View material G86170
G86171View material G86171
G86174View material G86174
G86200View material G86200
G86201View material G86201
G86204View material G86204
G86220View material G86220
G86224View material G86224
G86250View material G86250
G86251View material G86251
G86254View material G86254
G86270View material G86270
G86274View material G86274
G87200View material G87200
G87204View material G87204
G88220View material G88220
G88224View material G88224
G93106View material G93106
G94151View material G94151
G94171View material G94171
H13300View material H13300
H15211View material H15211
H15220View material H15220
H15240View material H15240
H15260View material H15260
H15281View material H15281
H40270View material H40270
H40280View material H40280
H41180View material H41180
H41200View material H41200
H41300View material H41300
H43200View material H43200
H44190View material H44190
H46200View material H46200
H46210View material H46210
H46260View material H46260
H47180View material H47180
H47200View material H47200
H48150View material H48150
H48170View material H48170
H48200View material H48200
H51200View material H51200
H51300View material H51300
H61180View material H61180
H86170View material H86170
H86200View material H86200
H86220View material H86220
H86250View material H86250
H86270View material H86270
H86300View material H86300
H86301View material H86301
H87200View material H87200
H88220View material H88220
H93100View material H93100
H93106View material H93106
H94151View material H94151
H94171View material H94171
H94301View material H94301
J01700View material J01700
J02000View material J02000
J02001View material J02001
J02002View material J02002
J02003View material J02003
J02500View material J02500
J02501View material J02501
J02502View material J02502
J02503View material J02503
J02504View material J02504
J02505View material J02505
J02506View material J02506
J02507View material J02507
J02508View material J02508
J03000View material J03000
J03001View material J03001
J03002View material J03002
J03003View material J03003
J03004View material J03004
J03005View material J03005
J03006View material J03006
J03007View material J03007
J03008View material J03008
J03009View material J03009
J03010View material J03010
J03011View material J03011
J05003View material J05003
J11442View material J11442
J11522View material J11522
J11547View material J11547
J11562View material J11562
J11697View material J11697
J11872View material J11872
J11875View material J11875
J12047View material J12047
J12048View material J12048
J12070View material J12070
J12072View material J12072
J12073View material J12073
J12080View material J12080
J12082View material J12082
J12084View material J12084
J12092View material J12092
J12093View material J12093
J12094View material J12094
J12095View material J12095
J12520View material J12520
J12521View material J12521
J12522View material J12522
J12523View material J12523
J12524View material J12524
J12540View material J12540
J12545View material J12545
J12582View material J12582
J12595View material J12595
J13002View material J13002
J13005View material J13005
J13025View material J13025
J13042View material J13042
J13045View material J13045
J13046View material J13046
J13047View material J13047
J13048View material J13048
J13049View material J13049
J13050View material J13050
J13051View material J13051
J13052View material J13052
J13080View material J13080
J13345View material J13345
J21610View material J21610
J21880View material J21880
J21890View material J21890
J22000View material J22000
J22090View material J22090
J22091View material J22091
J22092View material J22092
J22500View material J22500
J22501View material J22501
J23015View material J23015
J23055View material J23055
J31200View material J31200
J31500View material J31500
J31545View material J31545
J31550View material J31550
J31575View material J31575
J32075View material J32075
J41500View material J41500
J41501View material J41501
J42015View material J42015
J42045View material J42045
J42065View material J42065
J42215View material J42215
J42220View material J42220
J42240View material J42240
J51545View material J51545
K00040View material K00040
K00045View material K00045
K00060View material K00060
K00065View material K00065
K00095View material K00095
K00100View material K00100
K00400View material K00400
K00600View material K00600
K00606View material K00606
K00800View material K00800
K00801View material K00801
K00802View material K00802
K00912View material K00912
K01000View material K01000
K01001View material K01001
K01008View material K01008
K01009View material K01009
K01010View material K01010
K01012View material K01012
K01013View material K01013
K01111View material K01111
K01112View material K01112
K01113View material K01113
K01200View material K01200
K01201View material K01201
K01210View material K01210
K01213View material K01213
K01313View material K01313
K01314View material K01314
K01400View material K01400
K01500View material K01500
K01501View material K01501
K01502View material K01502
K01503View material K01503
K01504View material K01504
K01505View material K01505
K01506View material K01506
K01507View material K01507
K01515View material K01515
K01520View material K01520
K01600View material K01600
K01601View material K01601
K01602View material K01602
K01700View material K01700
K01701View material K01701
K01702View material K01702
K01800View material K01800
K01801View material K01801
K01802View material K01802
K01803View material K01803
K01804View material K01804
K01807View material K01807
K01900View material K01900
K01907View material K01907
K02000View material K02000
K02001View material K02001
K02002View material K02002
K02004View material K02004
K02005View material K02005
K02006View material K02006
K02007View material K02007
K02008View material K02008
K02009View material K02009
K02010View material K02010
K02011View material K02011
K02100View material K02100
K02101View material K02101
K02102View material K02102
K02104View material K02104
K02200View material K02200
K02201View material K02201
K02202View material K02202
K02203View material K02203
K02204View material K02204
K02300View material K02300
K02301View material K02301
K02302View material K02302
K02303View material K02303
K02304View material K02304
K02305View material K02305
K02306View material K02306
K02400View material K02400
K02401View material K02401
K02402View material K02402
K02403View material K02403
K02404View material K02404
K02405View material K02405
K02500View material K02500
K02501View material K02501
K02502View material K02502
K02503View material K02503
K02504View material K02504
K02505View material K02505
K02506View material K02506
K02507View material K02507
K02508View material K02508
K02509View material K02509
K02595View material K02595
K02596View material K02596
K02597View material K02597
K02598View material K02598
K02599View material K02599
K02600View material K02600
K02601View material K02601
K02603View material K02603
K02700View material K02700
K02701View material K02701
K02702View material K02702
K02703View material K02703
K02704View material K02704
K02705View material K02705
K02706View material K02706
K02707View material K02707
K02708View material K02708
K02709View material K02709
K02741View material K02741
K02800View material K02800
K02801View material K02801
K02802View material K02802
K02803View material K02803
K02900View material K02900
K02901View material K02901
K03000View material K03000
K03002View material K03002
K03003View material K03003
K03004View material K03004
K03005View material K03005
K03006View material K03006
K03007View material K03007
K03008View material K03008
K03009View material K03009
K03010View material K03010
K03011View material K03011
K03012View material K03012
K03013View material K03013
K03014View material K03014
K03016View material K03016
K03017View material K03017
K03018View material K03018
K03019View material K03019
K03020View material K03020
K03046View material K03046
K03047View material K03047
K03100View material K03100
K03101View material K03101
K03102View material K03102
K03103View material K03103
K03104View material K03104
K03200View material K03200
K03300View material K03300
K03301View material K03301
K05500View material K05500
K10614View material K10614
K10623View material K10623
K10726View material K10726
K10882View material K10882
K10940View material K10940
K10943View material K10943
K10945View material K10945
K10958View material K10958
K10982View material K10982
K11022View material K11022
K11040View material K11040
K11043View material K11043
K11058View material K11058
K11060View material K11060
K11072View material K11072
K11122View material K11122
K11123View material K11123
K11125View material K11125
K11132View material K11132
K11140View material K11140
K11160View material K11160
K11172View material K11172
K11173View material K11173
K11201View material K11201
K11210View material K11210
K11222View material K11222
K11223View material K11223
K11224View material K11224
K11235View material K11235
K11240View material K11240
K11241View material K11241
K11245View material K11245
K11250View material K11250
K11260View material K11260
K11267View material K11267
K11268View material K11268
K11323View material K11323
K11324View material K11324
K11325View material K11325
K11356View material K11356
K11357View material K11357
K11365View material K11365
K11385View material K11385
K11422View material K11422
K11423View material K11423
K11424View material K11424
K11430View material K11430
K11485View material K11485
K11500View material K11500
K11501View material K11501
K11502View material K11502
K11504View material K11504
K11505View material K11505
K11506View material K11506
K11507View material K11507
K11508View material K11508
K11509View material K11509
K11510View material K11510
K11511View material K11511
K11522View material K11522
K11523View material K11523
K11526View material K11526
K11535View material K11535
K11538View material K11538
K11540View material K11540
K11541View material K11541
K11547View material K11547
K11552View material K11552
K11562View material K11562
K11564View material K11564
K11567View material K11567
K11572View material K11572
K11576View material K11576
K11578View material K11578
K11585View material K11585
K11591View material K11591
K11597View material K11597
K11598View material K11598
K11625View material K11625
K11630View material K11630
K11646View material K11646
K11662View material K11662
K11682View material K11682
K11683View material K11683
K11695View material K11695
K11711View material K11711
K11720View material K11720
K11742View material K11742
K11757View material K11757
K11789View material K11789
K11797View material K11797
K11800View material K11800
K11801View material K11801
K11802View material K11802
K11803View material K11803
K11804View material K11804
K11805View material K11805
K11820View material K11820
K11831View material K11831
K11835View material K11835
K11846View material K11846
K11847View material K11847
K11852View material K11852
K11856View material K11856
K11872View material K11872
K11900View material K11900
K11914View material K11914
K11918View material K11918
K11947View material K11947
K11948View material K11948
K12000View material K12000
K12001View material K12001
K12003View material K12003
K12004View material K12004
K12007View material K12007
K12010View material K12010
K12020View material K12020
K12021View material K12021
K12022View material K12022
K12023View material K12023
K12031View material K12031
K12032View material K12032
K12033View material K12033
K12037View material K12037
K12039View material K12039
K12040View material K12040
K12042View material K12042
K12043View material K12043
K12044View material K12044
K12045View material K12045
K12047View material K12047
K12048View material K12048
K12054View material K12054
K12059View material K12059
K12062View material K12062
K12087View material K12087
K12089View material K12089
K12103View material K12103
K12121View material K12121
K12122View material K12122
K12125View material K12125
K12143View material K12143
K12147View material K12147
K12187View material K12187
K12202View material K12202
K12211View material K12211
K12220View material K12220
K12238View material K12238
K12244View material K12244
K12249View material K12249
K12254View material K12254
K12320View material K12320
K12437View material K12437
K12447View material K12447
K12510View material K12510
K12520View material K12520
K12521View material K12521
K12524View material K12524
K12529View material K12529
K12539View material K12539
K12542View material K12542
K12554View material K12554
K12608View material K12608
K12609View material K12609
K12700View material K12700
K12709View material K12709
K12765View material K12765
K12766View material K12766
K12810View material K12810
K12821View material K12821
K12822View material K12822
K13020View material K13020
K13047View material K13047
K13049View material K13049
K13050View material K13050
K13051View material K13051
K13262View material K13262
K14507View material K14507
K14557View material K14557
K20500View material K20500
K20622View material K20622
K20747View material K20747
K20900View material K20900
K20910View material K20910
K20915View material K20915
K20930View material K20930
K20934View material K20934
K21001View material K21001
K21010View material K21010
K21015View material K21015
K21028View material K21028
K21030View material K21030
K21035View material K21035
K21135View material K21135
K21205View material K21205
K21240View material K21240
K21351View material K21351
K21370View material K21370
K21390View material K21390
K21451View material K21451
K21509View material K21509
K21590View material K21590
K21604View material K21604
K21650View material K21650
K21703View material K21703
K21903View material K21903
K21940View material K21940
K22035View material K22035
K22036View material K22036
K22094View material K22094
K22103View material K22103
K22375View material K22375
K22573View material K22573
K22578View material K22578
K22720View material K22720
K22770View material K22770
K22773View material K22773
K22878View material K22878
K22925View material K22925
K23010View material K23010
K23015View material K23015
K23028View material K23028
K30560View material K30560
K30736View material K30736
K30960View material K30960
K31015View material K31015
K31115View material K31115
K31116View material K31116
K31117View material K31117
K31200View material K31200
K31210View material K31210
K31240View material K31240
K31286View material K31286
K31310View material K31310
K31390View material K31390
K31509View material K31509
K31545View material K31545
K31718View material K31718
K31820View material K31820
K31830View material K31830
K31835View material K31835
K31918View material K31918
K32018View material K32018
K32025View material K32025
K32026View material K32026
K32045View material K32045
K32218View material K32218
K32550View material K32550
K32723View material K32723
K32800View material K32800
K33020View material K33020
K33125View material K33125
K40712View material K40712
K41245View material K41245
K41370View material K41370
K41545View material K41545
K41583View material K41583
K42247View material K42247
K42338View material K42338
K42339View material K42339
K42343View material K42343
K42348View material K42348
K42365View material K42365
K42544View material K42544
K42570View material K42570
K42598View material K42598
K42885View material K42885
K44414View material K44414
K44910View material K44910
K51210View material K51210
K51255View material K51255
K51545View material K51545
K52355View material K52355
K52440View material K52440
K61650View material K61650
K71040View material K71040
K91800View material K91800
K92100View material K92100
K92350View material K92350
K92510View material K92510
K92650View material K92650
K92801View material K92801
K93600View material K93600
K93800View material K93800
K94000View material K94000
K94100View material K94100
K94200View material K94200
K94500View material K94500
K94600View material K94600
K94610View material K94610
K94760View material K94760
K94800View material K94800
N14052View material N14052
N24025View material N24025
N24030View material N24030
R30005View material R30005
S50280View material S50280
S50281View material S50281
S50288View material S50288
T20825View material T20825
T51602View material T51602
T51603View material T51603
T51604View material T51604
T51605View material T51605
T51606View material T51606
T51621View material T51621
T74002View material T74002
T87520View material T87520
W06010View material W06010
W06011View material W06011
W06012View material W06012
W06013View material W06013
W06018View material W06018
W06019View material W06019
W06020View material W06020
W06022View material W06022
W06027View material W06027
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W22440View material W22440
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W52018View material W52018
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W52115View material W52115
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W52135View material W52135
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W53040View material W53040
W53041View material W53041
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W53116View material W53116
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W75010View material W75010

The Total Materia database includes more than 450,000 grades from all over the world.  Their chemical compositions, mechanical and physical properties, cross-references, and more are only a click away.  

Finding a grade in the database is very easy and takes seconds. For example, let’s look into the properties of steel grade X5CrNiMo 17 12 2 according to DIN.

Simply use Quick Search at the Subscribers Home page enter the designation and select DIN from the standard list.

After clicking the material from the resulting list, a list of subgroups appears. In Total Materia, the term “subgroups” refers to specifications that define properties of the steel grade; in this case the specification DIN 1654-5 is selected. Note that properties defined according to different specifications may differ significantly.

Composition, cross-references and properties of the steel grade X5CrNiMo 17 12 2 can then be reviewed by clicking appropriate links.  See examples below.